As one of the India’s top Health Care Services “Careone Health Services” has a very strong focuses on the Services which are most useful to our respected peoples of our state as well as our country. We are committed to help our poor people by serving in the field of health through providing best health services regarding Radiology. Pathology, Nursing at the minimum costs which can be affordable over 1000 individuals work in favour of our health care services all over India who can help those who are needful. We have qualified team of Radiologists/ Pathologists/ Biochemists and Specialists for all Indian pathies with doctorate degrees.


Board of Directors

1) Dr. P.K. Vashistha (Director)
2) Dr. Mrs. Rashmi Kumari (Director)
3) Dr. R.K. Vashishta (Director)
4) Dr. Mrs. (Aruna Singh) (Director)
5) Dr. M.K. Banka ((Director)
6) Dr. Mrs. (Richa Basistha)
7) Mr. Krishna Mohan
8) Mr. Nityanand Kumar
9) Mr. Rashmi Kumari


Vision – Live, Fit & Healthy. Dedicated to improve health of our society.

Mission – Where quality service innovation is a very way of life.

We will achieve excellence in field of Health care services to become India’s most valued company in the field of Health Care Services.


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A hospital is a place where a person goes to be healed when he or she is sick or injured. Doctors and nurses work at hospitals. Doctors make use of advanced medical technology to heal patients. We are dedicated to improve the quality of life of our patients by delivering advanced and compassionate care to all communities that we serve. A hospital is liable for medical negligence cases in India.

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